Alexa of Ambika Yoga offers a variety of Yoga services to suit your individual needs....


Experienced Founder, and Senior Yoga Teacher Alexa Kho-Hinkson has been teaching Yoga for over ten years in London, and beyond and offers expert private classes, teacher training workshops, worldwide retreats and teacher training courses. 

Alexa has been teaching Yoga Retreats across the globe for many years and is highly experienced in offering tailor-made programmes and services to suit and adhere to your needs whether it be a week-long Retreat, or shorter weekend Retreats. Her retreat events can therefore be found at beautiful locations in intimate settings with a sure feel of luxury, delicious cuisine and world-class massage therapists and guests. 

Alexa has also created beautiful Private Yoga programmes for those who are in need of expert 1-1 tuition for chronic, minor and everyday health issues. She has a team of excellent, fully qualified and insured yoga teachers who teach classes across London, and she mentors each teacher individually to ensure that all classes are delivered to the highest possible standard. 

Alexa is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Senior Yoga Teacher and is training teachers from across the UK to learn and understand the application of teaching Therapeutic Yoga. Alexa's training imparts highly in depth, intelligent and experienced knowledge into how health conditions, injuries and mental disorders can be managed through teaching Yoga Therapy to students from all walks of life, and ultimately positively changing the outlook of their lives.  



"Alexa's teaching is not to be missed. I have been taught by numerous yoga instructions, but I always go back to Alexa. Her classes have discipline, yet joy and fun are at the heart." 
Julie Deeks - London