Alexa Kho-Hinkson will teach you the power of Yoga  Therapy to heal the body, mind & soul.


Alexa kho-hinkson lead senior teacher & founder of Ambika Yoga will guide you through your therapeutic yoga public & private classes, beautiful Yoga retreats and teacher training courses.

benefits of learning with ambika yoga

  • Specialised Therapeutic Teaching and Training in the UK
  • Over ten years teaching yoga 1-1 and group level in London & Worldwide
  • Practice Yoga Therapy to heal the body and mind
  • Manage chronic and minor health conditions, issues and injuries
  • Intelligently designed Yoga Programmes to cater for your specific needs
  • Extensive team of Fully Qualified Yoga Teachers across London
  • Beautiful and transformative Yoga Retreats for all levels of practitioners to develop your practice and heal the body, mind & soul 
  • Alexa individually mentors upcoming Yoga Teachers developing their teacher training and experience
  • Currently offering a NEW weekly Therapeutic Yoga Class in Finchley, North London with Alexa!

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client testimonial

"Alexa's teaching is not to be missed. I have been taught by numerous yoga instructions, but I always go back to Alexa. Her classes have discipline, yet joy and fun are at the heart." 
Julie Deeks - London