"If you can breathe, you can do yoga." - T. Krishnamacharya"


Alexa Kho-Hinkson has been developing her personal practice in the Art of Yoga for over fifteen years, and teaching for over eleven. Always inspired by her Grandmother's Yoga practice, she first stepped onto the mat while studying for her degree at Brunel University, and soon realised when starting full-time work in London that a regular practice was the best thing for her. Having suffered from bouts of anxiety and depression, Yoga gave her the sense of peace that she had always been searching for and she wanted to share this with as many people as she could. Leaving a stressful hedge fund working environment, she decided she wanted to learn to teach Yoga.   

So she ventured to Vrindavan, India for her first teacher-training course in February 2008 where Alexa was named “Ambika” by her teachers, during the 200 Hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training course that she successfully completed. Ambika means "the sweet mother of the universe", and with this name she was further inspired to create ‘Ambika Yoga’.

Alexa has been teaching Yoga Retreats across the globe for many years and is highly experienced in offering tailor-made programmes and services to suit and adhere to your needs whether it be a week-long Retreat, or shorter weekend Retreats. Her retreat events can therefore be found at beautiful locations in intimate settings with a sure feel of luxury, delicious cuisine and world-class massage therapists and guests. 

Alexa has also created beautiful Private Yoga programmes for those who are in need of expert 1-1 tuition for chronic, minor and everyday health issues. She has a team of excellent, fully qualified and insured yoga teachers who teach classes across London, and she mentors each teacher individually to ensure that all classes are delivered to the highest possible standard. 

Alexa is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Senior Yoga Teacher and is training teachers from across the UK to learn and understand the application of teaching Therapeutic Yoga. Alexa's training imparts highly in depth, intelligent and experienced knowledge into how health conditions, injuries and mental disorders can be managed through teaching Yoga Therapy to students from all walks of life, and ultimately positively changing the outlook of their lives. 

Alexa is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher and RYT500 Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals which continues to be at the forefront of Yoga Professionals by independently regulating Yoga within the UK. She has been given awards during her time of teaching for improving NHS Corporate workplaces having taught regularly at the NHS Confederation offices and the NHS Confederation Annual Conference & Exhibition in June 2009 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, as well as the NHS Employers Annual Conference & Exhibition in 2010 at the ICC in Birmingham. Alexa remains an NHS Approved Practitioner and continues to teach Corporate Yoga classes at NHS Providers since September 2012, in Westminster, Central London. 

Alexa has also gained recognition as ‘Yoga Teacher of the Month’, for OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine and she is also pleased to announce that she is an Ambassador for Luxury Yoga brand Manuka UK. In 2016 she had been invited to join the team of practitioners at new Health & Wellness Company iamYiam, and is a leading senior teacher in Therapeutic Yoga. As a recognised Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Alexa has been offering Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours to trainee, and current teachers in the field Yoga Therapy. 

After having had her first child, Alexa has been offering further Specialised Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Workshops and Courses and is travelling in the UK in 2019 to offer these trainings to reach more teachers. You can find more information about this training on the Workshops page and further upcoming trainings taking place in London in the Autumn/Winter of 2019.

Alexa is based in North London, and teaches in different areas in London including Mayfair, Marble Arch, Chelsea, Kensington, the City and Westminster, Islington, Canary Wharf, Hampstead, Finchley, Camden, Kentish Town, Archway, Highgate. Alexa has also taught in many exotic locations abroad including Sri Lanka, India, Morocco, Singapore, St Lucia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France.




ambika yoga insturctor’s

tania gessi

Tania Gessi.jpg

Tania’s journey into the healing power of yoga began as a way to manage her anxiety and the physical stress she was experiencing after a herniated disk, both of which became a real hindrance to her life. Her yoga practice has been transformative, both on a physical and spiritual level. Tania has been developing her practice over the last twelve years and she’s become increasingly interested in the restorative and therapeutic aspects of yoga, hence her involvement with Ambika Yoga and interest in deepening her knowledge with Alexa.  

Tania completed her 200 hours Yoga Alliance in 2010 from TeachYoga, and has been teaching over the last eight years. She loves teaching one-on-one as she sees it as an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship leading to personal growth and enhanced self-awareness. She believes that there is a reciprocal cycle of attunement and regulation between the teacher and the student, amplified by the meditative modality of the yoga practice.


Marta Masiero

Marta is a professional dancer and yoga teacher. First attracted to yoga for its physical benefits, she soon became aware of its healing properties, where body and mind find harmony through mindfulness in movement. Trained at Byron Yoga Centre in New South Wales, Australia, Marta teaches mindful flows with attention to alignment and sensitive adjustments. 

Looking to find the connection between breath and movement, she always encourages students to find deeper inner awareness and conscious embodiment of the practice, approaching each moment with a positive mind and an open heart.

Marta started working with Ambika Yoga in 2017 under the guidance and mentorship of Alexa, which was an invaluable source of knowledge and support in Marta's development as a teacher and practitioner. As well as offering therapeutic yoga classes, Marta teaches regularly around London and internationally, offering group classes, private and corporate sessions.


sara owen

Sara Owen is a qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, based in Clapham, London and discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on a trip to Rishikesh, India. She was captivated by the intense physicality of Ashtanga, and how flowing with the breath enabled her to break free of the thinking mind, living more peacefully in the present moment, deepening her spiritual connection to the practice. 

As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist Sara supports people to connect with themselves through movement and in discovering Ashtanga has found another movement based approach, which facilitates this grounded presence. Sara returned to Rishikesh to complete her 200hr Yoga alliance certification at Tattvaa Yogashala under the renowned guidance of Yogi Kamal Singh.

Sara has also undergone further training in Theraputic Yoga with Ambika Yoga.  Her experience as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist has enriched her yoga teaching making her a highly supportive and empathic teacher who is sensitive to the needs of her individual clients. 


charlie stubbs

A dedicated Yogi for 10+ years, practising Bikram initially, followed by Vinyasa before delving into restorative Yoga. Charlie is a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor trained in Vinyasa, with a further 100 Yin.  An experienced energy Healer, Meditation & Mindfulness practitioner. Reiki flows through her classes to enhance wellbeing and healing. Originally from Yorkshire, Charlie has been living in London for over 10 years. Understanding the challenges of daily lives, and the importance of finding balance and equanimity.

Teaching for organisations such as The NHS, Battersea Dogs Home, London Ambulance, and Virgin Active, not forgetting her Northern roots, her teaching style is both authentic and true to the ancient Yogic traditions. Blending her style along with your own in bring on a feeling relaxation and  energise and flow. "I adore Yoga, both the Yin & Yang elements, weaving into and soothing our lives. Helping us to live fully in the moment.

I am delighted to be part of the team with Alexa at Ambika Yoga. It’s wonderful being part of a yogis journey of self discovery, supported by an individually designed programme that focuses so much on the health and wellbeing of the individual practactionior. That’s Yogic tradition for you!


nicola sweeney


Having completed a course in Ayurveda and yoga in August 2016 in Kerala, India and learning about this lifestyle, I began implementing these practices into my own personal life and began seeing incredible results in my overall wellbeing. I had already been doing yoga for a couple of years prior to this course and was eager to learn more. The science and studies involved in yoga that became evident to me unravelled the infinite benefits it has on the human body and mind. 

Continuing with as much practice as I could following this, I was drawn back to India, to the Himalayas, where yoga originated from, to complete a course in Yoga multi-style teacher training 200hr. As well as Yoga for healthcare 200hr. I am incredibly passionate about helping people heal. So much healing can stem from a yoga class. Allowing time to connect brings more self realisation and awareness of overall well being.

Based in North London, I practice in Ayurvedic and yoga therapy. Working with Ambika Yoga and continuing to develop my training and knowledge in yoga therapy with Alexa.


lorna campbell-williams

My yoga journey started with a desire to see what my body could do, but was delayed due to my shyness.  After plucking up the courage in 2005, my yoga journey led to a love and desire to bring happiness, peace and balance, if only for a short time.  After years of deliberating, in 2015 I trained with The Yoga People run by Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke. 

I am now certified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga teacher after completing the Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour course, I have undertaken additional training and am also certified in 100 hours Yin, 20 hours in the Mandala method (all undertaken with The Yoga People), I have undertaken training in Kids yoga, Pregnancy and mother and baby yoga.  I teach in Enfield, Hertfordshire, Barnet, Harringay and the City.  

 I regularly teach Ashtanga Vinyasa and a Rocket-infused Ashtanga, building strength with the aim of encouraging growth and maximising fun.  My classes are set to an eclectic mix of music from drums and chants to classical and reggae beats.  My classes encourage collaboration between myself and my students.  I try to offer students what they want and we work together to find what it is they need from their practice.  In order to assist in this, I have embarked and further exploration of Yoga Therapy with Alexa of Ambika Yoga.